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While the internet offers many avenues of entertainment and services we often find ourselves buying into mediocre services / products. One of Horoscope Lab's goal is to weed through these services helping you making a better choice before spending your hard earned money. If you know of any sites that may be of interest please forward them to reviews@horoscopelab.com - Thanks ! HL Team

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Daily Horoscopes Spoken

Website: www.GypsyTeller.com
Gypsy Teller - Daily Horoscope Fortunes

My first initial visit to this website I was taken back by the realism, who better to deliver a horoscope than the legend herself ~Esmeralda~ A lot of time was spent in design making you feel like you are at the booth. This site is created in Flash. Ron, a member of the design team took time out to talk to us on the phone. I found out the character Esmeralda is created in a 3D Design package called Lightwave by Newtek.

Synapses: Apparently Esmeralda was young and beautiful, now old and wise so it takes some courage to "Step up to the Booth" After our login Esmeralda calls to the spirits and the crystal ball lights up after a bolt of lightning cracks down. The actual fortune is spoken verbally and comes out of your speakers from spirits that Esmeralda summons not Esmeralda's crackly voice. Although we had to use the "repeat my horoscope" because of our speaker volume being to low, the fortune is enunciated clear and slow in a Mystical Spirit Voice. Daily Horoscopes can be read from any computer PC or Mac and no additional software is needed to be installed except the standard Flash Plugin.
We sent a email to the support team testing response time and received response within a hour.

Summary: I believe this is one of the best values we have come across so far. $14.95 for a whole year of fortunes.


  • $14.95 for the whole year
  • Fortunes are read to you (totaling over 30 hours)
  • Realistic feel like you are really at the booth
  • Fast support response time
  • Made in America ! Made in USA


  • You have to have speakers to listen
  • Slow dialup internet connections may have a small wait

Scored a well deserved 5 of 5 rating.
5 stars award

Do you have a site for review or know of one ?
Email us at reviews@horoscopelab.com

Do you have a site for review or know of one ?
Email us at reviews@horoscopelab.com
Do you have a site for review or know of one ?
Email us at reviews@horoscopelab.com

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